The Cumberland Plain stretches nearly 60 kilometres from Sydney to the foot of the Blue Mountains at Penrith. There are numerous valleys and ridges in this distance, but about half way across there is a hill that stands up higher than the ridges and with steeper slopes. It's not much higher and not much steeper, but it is enough of a hill to command attention and its summit affords a “goodly prospect” onward to the Blue Mountains and back to the man-made landmarks of Central Sydney. This is Prospect Hill, known as Mar-rong or Mur-rong to local people in 1790.

I felt I had to explore Prospect Hill as soon as I came to live near it. The more I discovered about it the more questions arose. Its history and geography are far more fascinating than I expected. Its story of change continues to this day. This web site aims to present the results of my explorations so far - the history of Prospect Hill, what it's like today and what it may be like in the future.

I acknowledge the Dharug-speaking people who are the traditional custodians of Mar-rong or Prospect Hill. I trust that this web site respects the members and elders both past and present of the Dharug-speaking people and other indigenous Australians who may live or have lived in the neighbourhood of Mar-rong.

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